• Destination: Cirencester, England

If you are a demanding traveler, Cirensester is the destination for you. It is considered by many as one of England's more beautiful areas, its magical alleys and old streets will make you feel like the star of your own classical film.

  • Destination: Lóndres, England

In London, the story overlaps with art, fashion, food and good beer. If you want to see art, buy clothes or eat delicious, this is the place! Here there is everything for any type of tourist. We recommend visiting the most famous places in the city: the Royal Opera House, Abbey Road, Sherlock Holmes Museum, Buckingham Palace, Camden Market, among others.


  • Destination:Arezzo, Italy

Its landscapes natural beauty blends in perfectly with its historical testimony and artworks. Visit Arezzo, birthplace of great artists such as Piero della Francesca and many others that left a mark of their creativity all over the world.

  • Destination: Roma, Italy

To explore this beautiful city you will need more than a day. Every corner of this Destination seems part of a showroom of a giant open-air museum. It's a real collage of places, open markets and fascinating historical sites .. Take a walk, recharge your energy with a cappuccino and then enjoy one of the best meals of your life.

  • Destination: Toscana, Italy

Tuscany is one of the most important for their artistic, historical, economic, cultural and geographical heritage Italian regions. It is located in central Italy and is one of the most common tourist destinations in the country.You have to know!


  • Destination: Malta

Maltese islands have been described as a grand outdoor museum. In Malta you can discover 7000 years of history which are still very much alive. Its landscapes are both colorful and amazing. Honey-colored hue stones contrast with Mediterranean deep blue sea, offering you the perfect environment to forget about routine and stress.


  • Destination: Algarve, Portugal

From Lago's surpassing nightlife to Sagres' calm, Algarve's has something for everybody. Learn more about its history in each one of its tourist attractions, play golf, rest on its fabulous beaches and travel trough its caves and cliffs along its coastline.


  • Destination: Tenerife, Spain

You can go all over this place in a car. Here you'll find Spain's highest peak: mount Teide. Visit the volcanic rock formations at Teide National Park is a must. And if you like animals, you can't miss Monkey Park and Loro Parque, where you can appreciate tropical birds closely.

  • Destination: Cadiz, Spain

It's Andalucía's province with more art and Spain's most artistic community. After you come here you'll be the art expert among your friends!

  • Destination: Madrid, Spain

With so many buildings that look like castles, this city will feel in a fairy tale. Among its architecture, delicious cuisine, natural beauty of its parks and all the wonders of this beautiful place, you will not only have a great time with your partner, family or friends.

  • Destination: Barcelona, Spain

If you are looking for a romantic vacation, Barcelona should be part of your itinerary. Besides enjoying the beautiful architecture such as the Church of the Sagrada Familia, you can go to a tapas bar to another while watching the quirky street performers.


  • Destination: París, France

So much to see in this city that does not know where to start. Start your day walking along the Siena, then marvel at the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe or one of the many exhibitions at the Louvre and at the end of the day enjoy a show at the Moulin Rouge.

  • Destination: Costa Azul, France

Whether on foot or by economic railway network, you can visit its towns and cities. Visit amazing places like Saint-Tropez, Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Villefranche-sur-Mer and Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, or even some of the more than a hundred museums and 150 galleries keep the artistic ambiance alive in the region .


  • Destination: Munich, Germany

If you are a fan of beer should come here and visit Hofbräuhaus, where this excellent drink is produced since 1589, which is definitely legendary during Oktoberfest, a celebration of local beers and special German meals.

  • Destination: Berlín, Germany

If history buff, you must know the famous Berlin Wall, a sobering reminder of the hipercargada postwar atmosphere. You can also visit the Weltzeituhr clock and finally eat something in the historic Zur Letzten Instanz, restaurant sixteenth century hanging around Napoleon and Beethoven.


  • Destination: Brujas, Belgium

Bruges is a treasure trove of historical, architectural and artistic wonders. The museums are full of the work of ancient and contemporary flamenco artists. Stroll through its channels while enjoying the medieval charm of the city.